My name is Anna Schultz and I am an artist based out of Denver, Colorado. My work is based mainly in drawing with an illustrative style with depictions of obscure yet common imagery presented in a stark way. I want you, as viewers, to feel a sense of beauty and discomfort through this imagery, but if you don’t I’ll try not to be too disappointed. Art is subjective, so you’ll either hate it or you won’t.

I’m a nerd at heart, so there are subtle art historical references in my work, as well as some modern day movie and T. V. show references. I used to study biology and anatomy in my early college years as well as in high school, so I paint a lot of organs and bones. I also have a lot of flowers in my work; I have always been interested in poisonous and dangerous plants and I have grown up around a lot of botany, due to my mother’s interests. Needless to say it rubbed off on me.

I hope my work speaks for itself and I also hope that, in time, I better my skills as an artist and stun all of you. That is, if any one is really looking.